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Make-up For Film

I say bank on natural beauty!! And, for special occasions, when I want to enhance my natural beauty with makeup, I… KEEP IT NATURAL, BABY! Don’t cover your face, just accentuate your best features to make them pop 💖 For my, it’s all about eyes, lips, and cheek bones. I leave the rest untouched. Here are my tricks:

1. Eyes - pale natural eye shadow with a little sparkle, eyeliner small cat-eye, and thin dark brown mascara.

2. Lips - a bright red lipstick, blotted till completely dry so it leaves a little stain, then a clear coat of chapstick to keep my lips moist and give them a subtle shine.

3. Cheeks - (and this is my little secret) I blot a little of that red lipstick on my finger, then dab it on my cheek bones and rub it in.

That’s it! THAT’S ALL THE MAKEUP I USE FOR ALL OF MY FILMS, JUST 4 THINGS: eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick.

No foundation, no creams or powders. But that part comes with good skin care. I’ll post my skin care tips in another comment, you won’t believe how simple it is.

Posted 52 weeks ago