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Skin Care for Actors (& Anyone)

Ok now for skin care:

1. HOT WATER - EXTERNALLY: I wash my face with hot water, like pretty dang hot to melt the oils and they can actually wash out of my pores.

2. OLIVE OIL - INTERNALLY: I eat A LOT of olive oil. Like on everything. You can put it on chocolate ice cream if you want, it’s so good! Easiest is salad… I just drizzle pure olive oil and balsamic vinegar on salad with a little salt. Also I eat a lot of Pao De Quejo!! 🇧🇷 🧀 Brazilian cheese bread which I make myself with lots of olive oil in it.

3. SLEEP - ALL OVER: I look my best when I sleep at least 8 hours. If you can possibly get 9 hours before a photo shoot or film shoot, PRIORITIZE IT! It’s so worth it.

4. NO TOXINS - INTERNALLY: We can’t control the pollution around us, but we can control whether or not we pollute our bodies. I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink coffee on a daily basis (it’s more like a once-a-week treat), and I try to eat all organic produce if I can. Farmer’s markets give you the best deals on organic veggies, and you’re supporting them directly and creating community, which also adds to the joy of your life, and therefore the glow of your skin! Natural Beauty is a lifestyle - love what you do and you’ll live forever! Or at least look like you’ll live forever ;)

Posted 50 weeks ago