The Story behind the film "Don't you make me mad"...

About 2 years ago, my co-instrumental-composer Jonah Udall and I spent 9 months in communication over an arrangement of a fresh new song called “Don’t You Make Me Mad” for big band. This song was then recorded by a 17-piece big band in Miami. The big band was conducted by the handsome young Mr. Udall, and magnificently carried his solo-composed soli. Upon hearing our finished product, with the intention of releasing it as a single, I stopped. I saw it all at once, an entire story told through dance flashed before my eyes.
“Wait! We can’t release this song!” I projected.
“Why not?” asked the dashing young composer.
“Because, it’s not enough”
“A 17 person big band isn’t enough?”
“No, that’s all hunky dory, what I mean is… It can be more!”
“Dance.” I exclaimed, “dance, theatre, narrative… We need dancers,
actors, noir lighting, and the perfect venue. A speakeasy, a stage, an
intimate setting all in one…”

And we would have it. We would make it happen.
Here it is.