Madame Z combines a joie de vivre attitude with provocative lyricism. Her previous music projects have been described as “softly haunting” by the SF Deli Magazine, and “world traveling... a sound that tells a story, fluttering from intimate to intense” by the SF Bay Guardian. But this new direction is something entirely fresh. Madame Z now presents an alternative cabaret act accompanied by an eclectic backing band of jazz and Balkan brass musicians. She’s exploring the edge of jazz and finding the bridge to an ancient world sound. Influenced by the great voices of Edith Piaf and Billie Holiday, and the compositions of Gershwin, Madame Z explores jazz roots while adding contemporary relevance.

Born and raised in San Francisco by artists and writers, Madame Z received her BFA from San Francisco State where she studied world music and dance. In this latest endeavor, Z worked with co-composer Jonah Udall, a jazz guitarist from the world-touring trio Sound Underground.  Jonah Udall got his BA in Music at University of Miami with a focus in Jazz, and has been exploring traditional Balkan music on tour throughout Eastern Europe. Madame Z and Jonah Udall met at a Balkan folk dance retreat in California, and from their very first song together around the campfire "Summertime", they knew it was a perfect musical match. This duo of band leaders has a unique sound you won’t find anywhere else in the world.



"Justine Lucas (aka Madame Z) is a San Francisco-born performer of original music. Her sounds span genres and decades, often paying homage to American Old Time, Jazz, Blues, and the Circus, while offering a fresh contemporary perspective. We were lucky enough to track her down and
ask her more about her work."                        ~ Asgard Press