The Story behind the film "Don't you make me mad"...

In 2013, Madame Z'and her co-instrumental-composer Jonah Udall spent 9 months in communication over the musical arrangement of a new song called “Don’t You Make Me Mad” for big band. This song was then recorded by a 17-piece big band in Miami, including many members of George Benson's studio big band. Upon hearing the finished product, with the intention of releasing it as a single, Madame Z stopped the production.

"I saw it all at once, an entire story told through dance flashed before my eyes. Dance, theatre, a narrative… We need dancers,
actors, noir lighting, and the perfect venue. A speakeasy, a stage, and an intimate setting all in one…” ~Madame Z

From there, Madame Z began working with dance choreographer and stage director Keleki Mae on the movie-musical style video production for the single, Don't You Make Me Mad.




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